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Hi there! I'm Sorina,


I am really excited to be part of the AUTLSS Exec as your Media Officer for 2023. I'm in my fourth year of my LLB and am also doing a BA majoring in Psych. I'm probably going to pursue a career in criminal law or family law. 


It is really important to me that all students feel included and get the full uni experience! As a student who transferred from a different uni, I know how isolating it can feel to come into a new environment with no friends, that's why getting involved in AUTLSS events is key! One way that I can help with this is by ensuring that we clearly communicate all the amazing things that AUTLSS are planning across the year. 


A fun fact about me is that I'm from Dracula's country! (Romania). While I did move as a child, my family and I still speak Romanian and keep our customs alive. So, you can probably guess what my go-to Halloween dress-up is! 


We want to be friends with you, so please connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram! I look forward to meeting you this year.


With love, 


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