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Talofa lava, My name is Lili and my Pacific heritage connects me to Samoa and the villages of Lotofagā, Sāfata, Vailima, Alamagoto and Falefa.


I believe that diversity of thought comes from the breadth of diversity that represents our law students today, so I’m thrilled to not only be joining our Exec as a Pasifika woman, but also as an adult learner. Having completed my MBA in 2022. I’m now in my 2nd year of the Bachelor of Laws. My background has broadly been in IT and the delivery of strategic initiatives in both the corporate and public sector and recently I’m enjoying the new challenge of taking on a career change at a different stage in life.


As students, life can throw a multitude of challenges your way, therefore as a previous part time student (Part 1) who worked full time and now a full-time student (part 2) working as a part time Business Advisor, I can appreciate the hardships of juggling study with work and home life, whilst also managing the challenges of being a student in a very new environment.


Study can be isolating and tough when navigating the extent of the academic workload on your own. A definitive point of difference for many at Law school have been the study groups joined, the online forums available and the camaraderie of fellow students when studying together, attending social events, or having coffee with your peers. I’m looking forward to seeing this evolve into other social events where everyone can unwind and enjoy the fun parts of student life too! Success at Law school is about progress, not perfection and it’s also about work life balance, so as your Social Officer for South, I’m keen to hear what you would like to have as part of the social events at each campus so that we can make your time at AUT law a successful and enjoyable one. Whilst study has come later for me in life, I’m very proud to be a part of an Exec who are able to share and showcase the possibilities available. Society today and our younger generations have changed the landscape of what a lifetime career looks like and in the roles, I’ve held in my career, I’ve appreciated the results that fresh ideas and approaches can achieve when coupled with experience and consistency. Fun Fact about me – I once caught a jewellery thief breaking into a jewellery store at the mall and managed to get him into an arm hold against the wall until Security and Police showed up.

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