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Kia Ora, ko Molly tōku ingoa.


In 2024, I will begin the third year (of five) of my Law and Accounting conjoint degree.


I am the youngest child to a solo parent (my incredibly supportive mother who you will see on the left of me in the photo) and we whakapapa to Papakura.


My mahi is as the PASS leader for AUT. In this role I mentor first year law and commerce students in a way that makes tertiary success attainable. Because of this, I am intricately involved with the academic side of AUT and I believe the role of Education officer within AUTLSS is right where I am meant to be. Here, I am responsible for advocating for student success and providing resources for you to be able to achieve your desired results.


I am most passionate about equitable opportunities and hope to continue to ensure students who have to juggle much more than just law school are still able to do great things at AUT. I hope to see you in 2024!

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