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Kia Ora! I'm Saleha (she/her), and it brings me immense honour and excitement to serve as your AUTLSS President for 2024!


In this pivotal role, I play a central part in shaping the vision and direction of AUTLSS.


As the President, my responsibilities extend to representing AUTLSS and its members at a national level. My key tasks include advocating for the student body, and facilitating effective communication between law students and key stakeholders. Additionally, I am dedicated to building and nurturing relationships with our valued partners and sponsors.


A vital aspect of my role involves providing guidance and support to each portfolio within the Executive team. Together, we aim to create an inclusive and thriving environment for all law students at AUT.


I'm committed to making 2024 a year of growth, collaboration, and meaningful connections within our legal community. Stay engaged, and let's make this year memorable!

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